3-Day Weekends

The date for the Co-ed Cursillo weekend.

Further information is on the Frequently Asked Questions.

You may also download the Registration Forms (Adobe pdf file) which provide additional information.

4th Day: Community Participation


Edmonton Ultreya
Gibson Ultreya

Guidelines for a WITNESS TALK at an ULTREYA

The Rt. Rev. Ken Genge (retired Bishop of Edmonton) spoke at the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat (CACS) Triennial Conference. You can read the
text of his talk here: Living Out Your Fourth Day: Bloom Where You’re Planted.

Group Reunion

Interested in grouping? Want to know what’s involved? The late, Dr. Joseph Walker shared his talk on this subject with us — read it here. If you would like to be part of a group reunion, please contact either your weekend sponsor, or the 4th Day Chair.

How Cursillo is governed

Canadian Anglican Cursillo Movement

The National Secretariat coordinates activities in all dioceses, is responsible for the Cursillo License agreement with the Roman Catholic Church, provides national guidelines, and outlines diocesan responsibilities.

The Edmonton Cursillo operates under the authority and with the permission of the Bishop.


The Secretariat is made up of both elected members (Secretary, Palanca Chair, 4th Day Chair, Servant Community Chair and Communications Chair) and those appointed by the Bishop (Lay Director and Spiritual Director) and by the lay director (Registrar/Treasurer).

Secretariat members are strongly encouraged to undertake this ministry according to the Expectations of Cursillo Secretariat Members document.

Diocese of Edmonton Cursillo Guidelines

Guidelines have been developed by the Secretariat to cover such topics as team and candidate selection, music, banners, etc.