Edmonton Cursillo Community Guidelines

With the Bishop’s direction and approval, Secretariat has developed a number of Guidelines for the use of the Edmonton community. These Guidelines address issues such as Weekend Team Selection, Registration procedures, Music, Banners, and Communications.

The Guidelines are reviewed regularly by the Secretariat. Copies are available upon request from the Lay Director or Spiritual Director.

  • Structure of Secretariat
  • Guideline No. 1 Recruitment of Weekend Teams
  • Guideline No. 2 Procedures on Weekends
  • Guideline No. 3 Selection of Candidates
  • Guideline No. 4 Registration Procedures
  • Guideline No. 5 Operation of the Palanca Chapel
  • Guideline No. 6 Sunday Clausura
  • Guideline No. 7 Music
  • Guideline No. 8 Contact List
  • Guideline No. 9 Weekend Banner
  • Guideline No. 10 Commissioning Service
  • Guideline No. 11 Moonlight Service
  • Guideline No. 12 Financial Policies and Procedures
  • Guideline No. 13 Website Content and Design